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Thinking of Rebranding? Here’s 5 Things To Keep in Mind!

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Most businesses, even some of the world’s largest and highly revered brands choose to undergo rebranding initiatives at some point. A rebranding project could be undertaken due to various factors. For some businesses, a rebranding exercise could be done to help them differentiate their products or services with more precision, for some others it could be undertaken to help renew the overall perception of the brand…

Whenever a business decides to go down the rebranding route though, there are a few factors that should be kept in mind, especially if the brand already has a strong presence or large following in any industry or segment.

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Here are a few top factors to consider: 

Out with the Old, in with the New, Across All your Marketing and Sales Channels: Consistency

Several B2B and technology companies have undergone rebranding initiatives in the last few years. For larger teams, it is however pretty common to have the brand’s new logo and ambience updated via its website and few other collaterals, but a few elements do seem to get lost in this mix. For larger enterprise teams who may have external PRs coordinating certain parts of their content marketing goals or for those who have distributed marketing teams, special care needs to be taken to ensure consistent rebranding updates in the form of a new logo, new tagline and whatever else across all marketing and sales channels, even official press announcements through third-party sites. Sporting a new logo on the website but issuing press releases through third-party sites with an older logo for instance could confuse users and the industry at large. 

A precise process should be set in place that allows marketing teams to consciously update new branding elements across every marketing and sales cadence and channel for better consistency. This uniformity is key in also ensuring that the rebranding project gets maximum attention and the right kind of traction from the market. 

Rebrand to Stand Out

This is a golden rule in marketing and communications: your branding shouldn’t remind customers and prospects about your competitors. It should in fact help your product/business/service stand out. 

One of the reasons brands might choose to rebrand themselves is because they feel the need to create a new impression in the market or because they need to renew their place and identity in the market. For brands that sport logos or mottos/taglines that are similar to other providers, the whole goal of having a strong brand presence will be lost. 

This is where seasoned Chief Brand Officers or communications experts have to hone in on not only a unique brand logo but also a color combination that does not replicate that of another existing service or provider in the market. 

A New Look, Based on Customer Feedback: How do Prospects and Customers Perceive your Brand?

With the array of online survey tools and AI powered capabilities in collecting real-time customer feedback today, marketing teams can easily collect information from existing users and prospects to understand how they are perceived in the market. 

This data can help fuel future rebranding initiatives to help marketing teams understand what direction to take or focus on when going for a rebrand. Using this data to also build a rebrand that aligns with how the business wants customers and prospects to perceive them.

Seasoned marketers will already know how certain colors, certain shapes and certain types of logos can create an impact or form an impression in the minds of users. Certain colors are associated with certain senses or emotions and this is why branding experts utilize these understandings to create and build impactful branding and logos to pull the right emotion from their target audience.

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Don’t Forget to Use Omnichannel Perspectives to Market your New Brand

If a business has undertaken the effort to rebrand themselves, it’s time to market this new identity, announce it to the world and also, collect updated customer insights and feedback on what the market feels about the new updated look. 

In the recent weeks, Google Chrome announced a change to their logo after 08 long years, the brand, during their announcements about this update also shared that users would see the new logo reflect across all their devices.  

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